Trump was just asked if he supports the victims of domestic violence. His response is telling

- Februari 13, 2018

In the wake of the ongoing scandal surrounding the departure of Staff Secretary Rob Porter and the clumsy efforts by the White House to cover up their role in enabling him despite knowing of his crimes for an entire year before he was finally exposed, one would expect the president of the United States to make a forceful and decisive statement expressing his support for the victims of domestic violence.

But when given the opportunity, President Trump couldn’t even be bothered to pretend that he cares about women and their well-being long enough to give the most cursory of statements, choosing to ignore the questions directed at him today by the White House press corps.

Not once, twice, but three times was he given the chance to say something – and all three times, he ignored the questions.

Vice-President Mike “Family Values” Pence was posed a similar question on his way through the Capitol building this morning – and he too ignored the question and walked away.

The saga of Rob Porter has gone from an unpleasant story to full-blown scandal with the revelation that Gen. John Kelly, Trump’s chief of staff, knew about the allegations and the photographic evidence of Porter’s abuse of his ex-wife for nearly a year before doing anything.

Far from showing any contrition or the most insincere expressions of regret, President Trump has grown angry at the accusations, deciding to take to Twitter to complain about the lack of “due process” when it comes to domestic abuse and sexual assault accusations, the dozens of accusations against the President himself clearly weighing on his mind.

Once again, the Trump team has proven that on no matter the issue, they are without conscience and utterly devoid of compassion. No matter the victims, be they terrorized members of Jewish communities, the activists attacked by neo-Nazis, the grieving families of U.S. servicepeople killed on his watch, or the women who were beaten by his staffers, this president and his staff have shown that they are dedicated to encouraging, enabling, and exacerbating the very worst parts of the human existence.

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