Sorority members just got what they deserved for taking viral racist photo

- Februari 07, 2018

Three Alpha Phi sorority members at George Washington University have been expelled from their sororal organization after posted a stunningly racist photograph on social media, reports The GW Hatchet. 

The picture in question depicts two girls, posing with an empty banana peel and the caption “I’m 1/16 black.” Both have been expelled from Alpha Phi, as well as the girl who took the photo.

The sorority responded by posting to Facebook and apologizing “without qualification” and rightfully recognizing the severely racist nature of the picture. They accepted collective culpability over the fact that members of Alpha Phi felt comfortable making such a “distinctly racist, ignorant, and harmful” joke. They also recognized the role their privilege and lack of diversity played in fostering such an environment.

The post also states that the three culprits have had their membership terminated.


The Hatchet says that Abiola Agora, the president of the George Washington’s NAACP chapter isn’t satisfied with the apology and believes the sorority itself should be suspended on campus.

“I think this is what people wanted, and I’m ready to see the whole chapter get kicked off. I think if this had been any anyone else, they would have been gone already,” Agora said.

ABC7 adds that the school’s Student Senate voted on Monday to disband the Alpha Phi. The following night the front door of the sorority house was papered over to show that it was no longer being used. That said, ABC7 reports that the final decision on the fate of the sorority will ultimately be determined by school officials and the sorority’s larger headquarters.

The entire incident is just another example of the hateful racist animus Trump has emboldened in this country. Some white people feel more comfortable voicing their hateful biases in public. It’s disgraceful, and it must be reprimanded every single time.

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