California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom just found the perfect response to Republican “thoughts and prayers”

- Februari 14, 2018

With another mass shooting destroying Valentine’s Day at a Florida high school, Republicans are trotting out their “thoughts and prayers” tweets while continuing to do nothing that would jeopardize their A+ NRA ratings.

California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom has had enough of hypocritical pieties from Republican enablers of mass gun violence and wants action taken to protect our students and the rest of the populace from lunatic shooters. He took to Twitter to respond to Republican leaders whose inaction in the face of continuing gun-related atrocities he finds unconscionable.

He started his one-man tweet response tirade at the top, replying to President Trump when he sent out his obligatory “prayers and condolences” tweet.

Newsom’s next target was Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who has accepted over $3 million in campaign funding from the NRA during his political career.

He moved on to “broken-hearted” Vice President Mike Pence next.

While Newsom’s plea for action echoed many other comments made in reply to the Republican gun-purists’ tweets, he took his fair share of negative replies from NRA-supporters. Nevertheless, he persisted, taking aim at GOP Chairwoman Roma McDaniel’s hypocritical supplications, as well as those of Florida Governor Rick Scott.

In both cases, Newsom’s comment was the same, a simple “Then do something about it.”

Presumably having better things to do than reply to every single tweet by a Republican expressing sorrow at the direct result of their failure to pass common-sense gun regulations, Newsom finally sent a blanket comment that covers all politicians who are still saying that now is not the right time to discuss gun regulations, despite the fact that given the rate of school shootings in the U.S., the time will never be right since it’s always just a day or two after another shooting.

If your elected officials don’t take Lt. Governor Newsom’s advice and either act on gun control or resign, remember that the midterm elections are coming in November and you can help make that decision for them. If you don’t like how they’re handling the gun violence crisis, then do something about it.

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