One of Trump’s biggest initiatives just went down in flames

- Januari 03, 2018

The White House just released a statement announcing that President Trump is finally dissolving his sham “Voter Fraud Commission,” which was really designed to suppress the votes of minorities and other likely Democratic voters. 

The President’s press office, headed by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, cited “substantial evidence of voter fraud, of which they have produced not one scrap.

Their statement blamed “many states” for not cooperating with the White House’s demands for voter data — a move that had terrified Americans already afraid of the Russia-backed Trump administration violating their sacred right to vote.

Thankfully, 44 out 50 states refused to comply with the undemocratic order.  Welcome to the Resistance, America!

Trump created the commission and appointed famous voter suppression advocate Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a Republican, to head an “investigation” into the president’s flagrantly false claim that three to five million “illegals” (aka undocumented immigrants) voted for Hillary Clinton in California (a pathetic rationale for his loss of the popular election).

In October, a judge ordered the Voter Fraud Commission to unseal their secret documents, the existence of which they had denied.  The unsealed documents revealed that the President and Kobach has a “preconceived agenda” to block qualified immigrants from voting by intimidating them at the polls with demands for citizenship papers.

By dissolving the voter fraud commission today, Trump has effectively admitted that he lost the popular election, that there was no voter fraud, and that his commission was a sham.

He has also proven that both Republican and Democratic states are willing to stand up to Trump’s authoritarian agenda, even when the Republican-led congress is not.

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