Missouri’s Pro-Trump Governor just got caught in a horrific sex scandal

- Januari 11, 2018

Missouri’s married Republican Governor, Eric Greitens, once aspired to run for president.  Now, he’s just hoping to save his seat, after admitting to an affair three years ago with his former hairstylist, also married.

He denies allegations from the woman’s ex-husband that after blindfolding her and tying her up in his basement (both consensually), he proceeded to take a photo of the partially undressed, bound woman without her consent as a twisted insurance policy with which he could blackmail her, should she go public with the affair.

Evidence has emerged that contradicts Greiten’s denials.

To ensure there was evidence of the rising politician’s misdeeds, the aggrieved ex-husband secretly taped his wife’s confession of the disturbing incident.

According to the St. Louis Dispatch:

‘You’re never going to mention my name, otherwise this picture will be everywhere,’ Greitens told the woman, she claims on the audio . . . That was about a month after his first public statements confirming he was considering a political run.

This does not help Republican chances in upcoming gubernatorial elections, already hobbled by any association with the incompetent, unfit, mentally unstable, misogynist, racist, xenophobic, dangerous, greedy, vulgar, disgraceful Predator-in-Chief.

36 governor’s seats are up for grabs in 2018, that’s three-quarters of American states and 26 of those seats are Republican.

By further besmirching the Republican brand, which is already mud, Greitens has just advanced the Democratic cause of taking back our states — and hopefully both houses of Congress — in 2018.

It’s up to us to do our part by getting out the vote!

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