Maxine Waters’ poem to Robert Mueller is all of us

- Januari 03, 2018

As Special Prosecutor Mueller’s Russia investigation narrows in on President Trump, the American people feel the stirrings of hope in their hearts that our national nightmare could end before too long.

Beloved Democratic California congresswoman, Maxine Waters, felt the muse this morning and penned a rhyming ode to everyone’s favorite Trump hunter.

Waters encouraged Mueller to “stay strong and stand tall” in the face of Trump’s congressional Republican henchmen, who have been doing a treasonous hatchet job on Mueller’s impeccable character and on the FBI.

Republicans are running scared because Mueller have concluded their White House interviews, culminating in one with Trump’s own lawyers.

Meanwhile, the FBI turns out to have had a mole in the Trump inner circle since July 2016.  In other words, they have all the conspiracy receipts ready for court).

Waters added that Trump’s “Kremlin Klan” will fall because Democrats will protect Mueller and the FBI from unpatriotic Republican attacks.

Finally, the treasonous criminals who have worked with Russia to try to destroy our Democracy “all will be hauled” to jail, so we can restore our republic and our dignity.

“Auntie Maxine” has always had a way with words.  Today, her poem took on prophetic significance.

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