London’s Mayor just destroyed Trump’s pathetic excuse for canceling his U.K. visit

- Januari 12, 2018

Last night, President Trump abruptly called off his state visit to the United Kingdom due to concerns that he would not be able to stomach the widespread protests that are expected to erupt upon his arrival.

Don’t expect to hear the real reason from the President himself of course. Instead Trump concocted a complicated and pathetic excuse to blame President Obama for his snow flakiness.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is not letting him get away with it. Trump’s nemesis across the pond, the first Muslim Mayor of the English metropolis, shot the Islamophobic President down in no uncertain terms (tweet below).

Last night, amidst the backlash from his cancellation, Trump tweeted:

This rationale is not unlike a French person declining to visit the midwest because they were upset about the deal Napoleon gave Jefferson — which is to say it’s utter nonsense. The truth is, Trump has made himself one of the most despised people on the planet, and his notoriously thin-skin cannot take the repercussions of his heinous actions.

In London especially the U.S. president has earned himself the ire of the masses by retweeting videos from Britain First, a racist hate group that has been dubbed the KKK of England.

So it’s understandable that Khan saw through Trump’s charade and he perfectly smacked the president down along with his own conservative Prime Minister, Theresa May, who has tried to play nice with America’s fascist leader.

Khan isn’t interested in playing nice. The London Mayor is too busy speaking truth to power on behalf of the populous that he serves, and he should be applauded for the courage and leadership to do so.

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