Trump’s Attacks On The “Failing” New York Times Just Backfired Bigly

- Desember 08, 2017

In the twisted fantasy world which Trump has conjured for his supporters to live in climate change is a hoax, cutting taxes for the rich helps the poor, President Obama wasn’t born in the United States, and all of the major reputable news organizations are actively lying about Trump to undermine him. At the same time, these publications are floundering financially.

Of course, these fabrications have all been roundly debunked over and over again, but Trump’s rapid supporters refuse to accept the truth. Even so, it’s important to hammer home the facts at every possible opportunity because to do anything less is to gradually cede ground to our mendacious president.

Trump insists that The New York Times is on its deathbed and has taken to regularly referring to it as the “Failing New York Times.” It’s something he did before he even won the election because he hated that the paper was printing unflattering truths about him. For an egomaniac like Trump, nothing less than abject, obsequious flattery is unbearable.

A quick sampling of our petty leader’s tweets:

Given the president’s insistence that the Times is failing, one would — if one were foolish enough to believe anything Trump says at this point — expect to see a sharp dip in subscriptions to the newspaper in recent years. The reality, of course, is far from it.

Adam Goldman of the NYT tweeted out the latest subscription data and it completely refutes Trump’s baseless assertions:

The fact that subscriptions have not only increased but doubled shows that the Times is far from failing. It also shows that in the era of Fox News propaganda and habitual White House lies, people are turning to reputable, legacy newspapers to get a sense of what is really going on in the world.

In fact, it seems likely that Trump’s constant attacks on the paper actually played a part in the increased readership. People know that Trump lies, and they know he goes after those who tell the truth, so it follows that if he hates the Times it’s because they are a reliable source. Trump tried to hurt the paper and ended up helping it.

The New York Times was here long before Donald Trump slithered onto the scene and it will be here long after he hobbles off.

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