Trump Just Made A Pathetically Insecure Tweet About His Secretary Of State

- Desember 01, 2017

Yesterday, reports surfaced that Trump intended to fire Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and replace him with the professionally incompetent CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

Not surprisingly, many interpreted the news as a sign that the president was striking back at Tillerson for calling him a “f*cking moron” in private. Trump is infamously petty and grudge-holding, so it seemed like the inevitable end to Tillerson’s political career had finally arrived.

Now, Trump has struck back against the rumors in his trademark fashion: an inane and petty tweet. The president took to Twitter to call the reports fake news in what is an obvious gambit to distract from the fact that disgraced former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has flipped and is testifying against the Trump team.

Trump admitted that he and Tillerson often disagree, before pathetically over-asserting his authority and masculinity by reminding everyone that he calls the “final shots.”

This is news to literally no one because of course the President of the United States is in charge of his Secretary of State. Only someone as painfully insecure as our reality television, blowhard leader would feel the need to remind everyone of his power while sitting in the Oval Office.

Trump tweeted:

The last bit, about America being respected because of Trump and Tillerson is the furthest thing from the truth. The former has made us a global laughingstock, and the latter has decimated and gutted the State Department, making it impossible for our diplomats to mitigate any of the damage the president has been inflicting.

Trump insists that Tillerson is here to say but for the sake of the American people, both of them need to go.

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