Trump Just Attacked The FBI. Eric Holder’s Response Is Perfect

- Desember 03, 2017

The nation was shocked and appalled when the petulant President tweeted out this paranoid attack on the FBI this morning:

That Trump’s opinion about the reputation of the FBI is shared by anyone else besides himself and the other administration officials currently under investigation for treasonous allegations of colluding with Russia to win the election last year remains to be seen.

Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, however, leaves no question as to what he thinks of Trump’s accusations against the agency that was formerly under his jurisdiction.  He took to Twitter with a blistering reply to the President’s delusional tweet.

Ouch! The former Attorney General of the United States just threw major shade at the sitting President, not over policy differences, but over qualities that call into question Trump’s fitness for office.

Holder, having worked with the FBI extensively during his six years in office, would have a better sense of the agency than Trump, of course, since the President has never spent any time as in office when he wasn’t the target of an FBI investigation.

Wait, wasn’t that one of the reasons Trump gave for not electing Hillary Clinton as president? That she’d be so tied up in investigations that she wouldn’t be able to focus on the job of governing? It would be ironic if it weren’t so incredibly sad and terrifying, but at least he has an excuse now for the horrendous job he’s done so far (except in his own mind).

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