Republicans Just Secretly Rewrote Trump’s Tax Bill And There’s A HUGE Problem

- Desember 01, 2017

The Republicans are currently trying to jam a regressive tax bill down the throats of the American people in secret. It constitutes an enormous handout to the hyperwealthy while stomping down on the neck of the middle class and shouldering them with cruel tax hikes. The only people with a vested interest in this bill passing are the 1% and the corporate lobbyists who have bought up the GOP.

Republicans have been keeping the draft of the bill close to the chest, and few people have seen it outside the Republican Party. It’s not even complete yet, and they’re adding and changing things up until the last minute. They’re selling out future generations of Americans without consideration or guilt. The Republicans know the tax bill is terrible and so they don’t want the world to see it.

Up until now the only ones who have seen the proposed legislation are Republicans and the lobbyists telling them how to write it. Democrats have been excluded from the process because GOP Senators know Democrats won’t vote for the bill and could, in fact, use the details to attack the Republican Party as a whole.

Now, Twitter is flooding with excerpts from the bill and they’re utterly absurd. Large sections have been crossed out on the fly, others have notes scribbled in the margins like a fourth grader’s textbook.

It’s embarrassing and unprofessional and shows just how little Republicans care about the actual content and effects of the bill. They’re desperate for a legislative win and are hurtling towards passing this destructive garbage just so they can say they finally passed something.

Many of the people sharing the incredibly amateurish document are Democratic Senators who are confused, befuddled, and at some times unable to even read the bill.

Mitch McConnell even admitted that he hasn’t looked at the bill yet, a stunning lack of due diligence from the Senate Majority Leader:

Some users chose instead to joke about the legislation, trying to make the best of a very bad situation.

If the Republicans pass this half-baked legislation they will be perpetrating a grave injustice on the American people, one that we will be working to undo for decades. No person can vote for this in good conscience.

Call your Senators and tell them to stop this legislative crime before it happens.

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