Newly Unearthed Divorce Records Just Revealed Roy Moore Committed Adultery

- Desember 06, 2017

As the sordid Roy Moore saga drags on, the accused pedophile running for Alabama Senate gets a taste of his own nitpick-y medicine.

The Roy Moore story continues to fall apart after revelations by the conservative outlet Washington Examiner call into question the timeline of his relationship with his current wife.

Divorce records obtained by the paper show that Moore likely began dating Kayla Kisor before she was divorced from her first husband, John Charles Heald.

Moore claims in his zero-week New York Times bestseller, “So Help Me God” that he met Kisor at church a week before Christmas, 1984. The book also charts such important relationship milestones as “agreeing to date a pedophile after meeting him at a law office in early 1985,” “a pedophile giving his married girlfriend’s daughter a puppy for Valentine’s Day 1985,” and “filing for bankruptcy one day after getting a marriage license with your pedophiliac second husband in December 1985.”

None of this tracks with court records showing that Kisor only filed for divorce on December 28, 1984 – weeks after her first meeting with Moore at church – or the record of that divorce being finalized on April 19, 1985. That’s well after Moore had delivered that V-Day puppy to Kisor’s daughter.

The Washington Examiner’s tactics are cheeky because they’re the exact same ones the Moore Campaign uses to discredit Roy’s many accusers. Nitpicking the most minute of details of an accuser’s story is a Moore favorite.

The Moore campaign has fiercely combatted pedophilia allegations by questioning everything from the location of a dumpster Moore may have sexually assaulted a waitress, to whether a 14 year-old could really walk a full mile to meet a 30-something Moore for a date and has deteriorated into calling them “criminals.”

This time though, it’s not just he-said-she-said testimony. These are hard and fast court documents help up next to Roy Moore’s own words published in a book with his name on it. Good luck trying to weasel your way out of this one, Mr. Moore.


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