Actor Ron Perlman Just Gave The BEST Response To Flynn’s Guilty Plea

- Desember 01, 2017

Today’s stunning news about Special Counsel Muller’s filing of charges against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and his decision to cooperate with federal authorities has the entire nation abuzz, wondering who in the Trump family will be the first to fall.

Will it be son-in-law and digital campaign director Jared Kushner, who was busted attempting to set up a secret backchannel to the Kremlin and is believed to have used data company Cambridge Analytica to secretly orchestrate the targeted cyberwarfare campaign by Russian hackers and bots during the 2016 election?

Or will it be Donald Trump Jr., who arranged a secret meeting with a Russian-linked lawyer to discuss a quid pro quo involving Hillary Clinton’s emails and the lifting of Russian sanctions in Trump Tower? 

Either way, it’s looking like one or hopefully both of them will be going down when this is all over – and actor Ron Perlman has some bad news for them:

The one thing we can give Flynn is that he clearly does love his son, and in more than the “you’re the only person I can trust so I’m going to have you do everything for me” way that Trump treats his children.

It’s obvious at this point that Donald Trump is incapable of feeling affection or empathy for anything other than himself – and he will throw his children to the wolves faster than you can say “daddy-o” if he thinks it will make himself any safer.

While we heartily cheer when Kushner and Don Jr., who certainly are some of the most despicable people to ever rise to prominence in the United States, are shipped off to prison, Trump’s sudden yet inevitable betrayal will be a poetic if somewhat tragic end to this dark tale.

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