Trump’s Plot To Replace A Major Government Figure Was Just Revealed

- November 30, 2017

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson could soon be the latest high-ranking Trump team member to be given his walking papers. A New York Times report states that the White House is considering asking Tillerson to resign sometime in the coming months. He would be replaced by current CIA Director Mike Pompeo.

If Pompeo accepts the position of Secretary of State — a job for which he is woefully unqualified, just as he was unqualified to be CIA Director — Trump might nominate  Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) to head the powerful intelligence agency. Cotton has been a staunch ally of the floundering president, and his crude hawkish rhetoric seems to appeal to our simpleminded commander-in-chief.

Of all the terrible decisions and appointments Trump has already made, handing the keys of the CIA to a buffoon like Cotton ranks close to the top. Cotton is an unabashed warmonger. He was one of the Senators who, in flagrant violation of the Logan Act, penned an open letter to the leaders of Iran in an effort to sink then-President Obama’s nuclear negotiations.

Shortly after sending the letter, Cotton met with a large consortium of powerful defense contractor lobbyists. It’s as if the Senator couldn’t even be bothered to hide the sordid fact that he is antagonizing Iran to drum up business for his donors. He wants war with the Persian nation and giving him control over the CIA will allow him almost unlimited power to shape perceptions and push for more bloodshed in the Middle East. It would be a disastrous appointment that could very well lead to the deaths of thousands of Americans.

The inciting incident for this domino effect of horror, the firing of Tillerson, is reportedly being cooked up by Chief of Staff John Kelly, a man who was once touted as the “adult in the room” but has since devolved into a mindless parrot, spewing up whatever filthy lies the president deigns to cook up. Kelly is said to view Tillerson as something of a wounded animal, neutered by the president’s constant undermining and now wholly incapable of projecting any kind of authority on a global stage.

It’s also likely that the real reason Tillerson might get the boot is that he supposedly called Trump a “f*cking moron” in private last month. Our thin-skinned president is the kind of weak man to hold a grudge for a long time, and no doubt he has been nursing animosity for Tillerson ever since, waiting for his time to strike back. That time may be quickly approaching.

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