Trump’s Campaign Manager Just Struck A Deal With Special Counsel Mueller

- November 30, 2017

Paul Manafort, the Russia-backed former Trump campaign chairman who was indicted  on twelve charges, including tax evasion, money laundering, and conspiracy against the United States, has stayed under house arrest since Special Prosecutor Mueller charged him on October 30.  He pleaded not guilty, but apparently that ankle bracelet is feeling tighter every day.  Today, Politico reporter Josh Gerstein tweeted that Manafort is striking a bail deal with Mueller’s team. 

The terms of the deal exchange Manafort’s guilty plea for no more house arrest, no GPS tracking device, and the forfeiture of four properties amounting to $11.65 million, in the event that he tries to flea the country to one of the rogue nations with which he regularly does business.


According to a brand-new report from Talking Points MemoManafort, who has been held on $10 million bail, has, “[O]ffered Mueller’s team two [redacted] people who can serve as guarantors for an ‘agreed-upon bail package with the Office of Special Counsel.'”

The prosecution expressed concerns that Manafort and his deputy Rick Gates, who was also indicted, could be flight risks, but they acknowledged they would be willing to do a bail deal like the one they are coming to now.

The Talking Points Memo adds:

Mueller has also raised concerns that the bail guarantor Gates offered was also serving as a surety for a business associate of Gates who is currently facing charges of a fraudulent film investment scheme. It is unclear how close Gates is to reaching an agreement with Mueller on a bail package.

Trump, who has had a 30-year relationship with Manafort, has thrown him under the bus, acting as if he barely knew him, to try to save his own hide from Mueller’s investigation, which now that it has both Manafort and former National Security Advisor General Flynn doing plea deals, is inching closer and closer to the corrupt madman at the top.  Ostensibly, both plea deals will include valuable information about the Trump campaign, transition team, and White House.

Donald Trump stands poised to win his first legislative victory in almost a year in office if the Republican tax scam passes this week.  Yet his behavior appears less gleeful than one might expect.  Instead, his bizarre, violent, and verifiably false tweets suggest his already unhinged personality has now fallen altogether from the door jamb, presumably due to fear that Mueller is closing in on him. 
The president should be immediately impeached or removed from office under the 25th Amendment to ensure the safety and security of all of America’s citizens, as his tiny hands stand poised over the button in his game of nuclear chicken with North Korea.
However, the craven Republican Party — including the members who first voted against the Obamacare repeal — are perfectly willing to ride his crazy train all the way to their desired destination . . . an entirely kleptocratic America that heaps further wealth on the 1% on the backs of rest of us.

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