Sister Of A Fallen Marine Just Accused Trump Of Exploiting Her Brother’s Death In Open Letter

- November 17, 2017

By now it’s common knowledge that Trump’s claim that he supports and respects our military is nothing but a farce. He’s maligned gold star families, insulted prisoners of war, and even gone after the widows of fallen soldiers to defend his reputation.

His selfishness and inability to appreciate the sacrifices of our armed services is unique in the history the presidency. He is, beyond a doubt, the worst Commander-in-Chief the United has ever had.

Now, the president is facing fresh criticism, this time from the sister of a fallen marine. In a recently penned open letter Amber Cox, sibling of the deceased Staff Sergeant Robert Cox, has condemned Trump for attempting to exploit her loss for political gain, reports USA Today.

Robert Cox died in July when a Marine plane crashed in Mississipi, killing fifteen other men in a tragic accident. It took over three months before President Trump bothered to send condolence letters to the families of the dead marines, and Amber Cox believes he only did it to distract from the scandal around his handling of the Niger ambush, in which several American soldiers were killed. Trump was criticized for his botched response to the deaths, and for making a callous, upsetting phone call to a widow.

“I think that if he had not been receiving a lot of negative attention we would have not gotten a letter,” Cox said. She called the timing of the president’s letter “suspicious.” It’s also worth noting that the condolence letter from the president misspelled the surname of Cox’s living sibling, demonstrating a profound lack of sincere care on the part of the White House.

Paula Murillo, Cox’s mother, says she was promised a phone call from the president, but it never came. “That would have meant a lot to me. My son is someone,” she said.

Read the full letter below:

“November 2017

Dear Mr. President,

I am the sister of SSgt Robert H. Cox, one of the Marines who was tragically killed in the KC-130 plane crash in Mississippi on July 10th, 2017. It was only a few days ago that I received a letter of condolence from you, over three months after the accident occurred. Until now, the dull Tweet you posted that day was your only acknowledgement of the sacrifice made by my brother and fifteen other men. Accompanied now by this offensively belated letter, I am all the more enraged.

The suspicious timing of your letter belies the alleged sentiments you express; a carefully calculated reaction to the criticism you were getting for your lack of response (and subsequent sub-par response) to the tragedy in Niger and Gold Star widow Myeshia Johnson. Your half-thought words come packaged like a fraudulent gift in exchange for silence. But I will not allow you to use my brother’s death as a platform to advance your political agenda. On behalf of my brother’s memory, I am exercising my first amendment right to expose your ulterior motives.

I am a proud daughter of the common man upon whose back this country was built. We have a wall of honor with the military portraits of our ancestors and a flag that stands 20’ feet high in our front yard. You claim reverence for the brave men and women who serve our country, but your (lack of) reaction to my brother’s death proves that you are in fact an opportunist who capitalizes on patriotism to reap political gains.

My brother was a hero in the truest sense of the word. I don’t need a letter from you or a gold star to know this to be true. I am writing to you on principle, because the President of the United States should never exploit the loss of a Gold Star family in order to mitigate bad optics and deflect media criticism.


Amber Cox”

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