Roy Moore Was Just Hit With A Bar Complaint For Witness Intimidation

- November 17, 2017

Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore just got slapped with a serious Alabama bar complaint about his very public attempts shame and intimidate the women who’ve accused him of sexual and pedophilia.

Roy Moore’s defiant behavior on the bench resulted in being twice removed from his role as Alabama’s Chief Justice of their Supreme Court. Yet, strangely, neither incident resulted in his disbarment or restriction of the right to practice law, even though all attorneys swear to uphold the United States Constitution, their State Constitution, and all laws.

Today, Massachusetts lawyer J. Whitfield Larrabee has filed a complaint with the Alabama Bar to correct that oversight, basing his grievance on Moore’s disgusting conduct towards teenage girls, and his retaliatory statements against the accusers and journalists who revealed his perversion. The complaint (embedded below) reads:

As of the date that this complaint was filed, there are at least 8 women who have made credible sexual assault, sexual harassment or sexual misconduct complaints against Roy Moore. There are numerous other additional witnesses who provide corroboration of these allegations.

Moore’s accusers are witnesses that have relevant testimony for the Senate Ethics Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee if he is elected. Moore has made statements, directly and through his attorney, with the purpose and effect of threatening and intimidating his accusers and other witnesses against him, including reporters and other individuals in the news media.

In November of 2017, acting through his attorney, Moore threatened to file suit against the Washington Post and the Alabama Media Group ( for their truthful and accurate reporting about Moore’s sexual misconduct. The reporting about these events by the media outlets was protected first amendment activity. The threatened suits were frivolous, insubstantial, wholly without merit and made in bad faith. If Moore files the suits, it will be an abuse of process and malicious prosecution. Moore’s activities in this regard are akin to witness intimidation.

Roy Moore’s accusers have been facing a barrage of threats which the Republican has incited, even though he has not publicly denied a single allegation.

Larrabee told Verified Politics exclusively that he was surprised that in all of these years, nobody has filed a complaint against Roy Moore for his outrageous behavior, which is why he decided to pursue justice on behalf of the victims today.

“Alabama lawyers might be afraid to initiate a complaint against such politically powerful figures in their state, like Roy Moore, which is why I decided to initiate action against his license to practice law.”

“Moore is attempting to intimidate people in the press from exercising their First Amendment rights and those journalists are potential witnesses in any proceeding against the disgraced former Judge.”

Alabamans voted for Moore to be the Chief Justice of their Supreme Court in 2001, which only lasted two years after he was removed for violating a court order to remove the 10 Commandments religious monument he installed.

Ten years after removal, Moore again got voted into the State’s top judicial position and was indefinitely suspended when he began the current campaign to replace Alabama’s former Senator, the notorious perjurer Jefferson Beauregard III, who is now America’s top law enforcement official – and facing a pair of Alabama Bar complaints himself.

Moore’s time on the bench is littered with the injection of fundamentalist religion into the proceedings of law, which should be already protected from happening by our Constitution’s First Amendment protections.

Ever since the Washington Post revealed Roy Moore’s perverted predilection for teenage girls while working as a district attorney, eight days ago, he’s been dumped by the Republican National Committee, the Young Republicans, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

But Moore is not only continuing his Republican candidacy for office, but he actually places all of the blame on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who truly is one of the worst people in all of American politics, but in this case, who has taken a rare stand on the side of decency.

No matter what happens in Alabama’s Senate race, it’s plain that Roy Moore should not be allowed to continue his career as a lawyer, and this complaint is the first step towards protecting the people of that state from a sex predator and serial transgressor.

Here is a copy of the bar complaint against Roy Moore:

Roy Moore Alabama Bar Complaint by Grant Stern on Scribd

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