New Documents Just Revealed Kushner Hid Emails From Putin-Linked Mob Boss

- November 17, 2017

The First Son-in-Law, Jared Kushner, has failed to disclose a long list of meetings with foreign officials, causing his congressional investigators no end of frustration.  Today, a shocking new omission has come to light.

Until the top Republican and top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee sent him a letter this week accusing him of not complying with document requests in their inquiry of the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia, Kushner had never turned over an email chain exposing a mob-linked banker’s, “Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite.”

Aleksander Torshin, a former Russian senator and deputy head of Russia’s central bank, whom Spanish anti-corruption officers had identified as a “godfather” in the Russian mafia, had reached out to Kushner via email about having then-candidate Donald Trump or a high-up campaign official meet him at a Louisville, Kentucky NRA convention, so he could relay a message from his friend, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to NBC News, Kushner declined the invitation and warned campaign officials about receiving invitations from people attempting to aggrandize themselves by promising foreign contacts.


Torshin was seated with the candidate’s son, Donald Trump Jr., during a private dinner on the sidelines of an NRA event during the convention in Louisville, according to an account Torshin gave to Bloomberg. Congressional investigators have no clear explanation for how that came to be, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Although Kushner was smarter than Don Jr. regarding Tolshin, he was apparently perfectly willing to get involved in the First Son’s collusion with Wikileaks to release Russia’s hacked DNC and Hillary Clinton emails:

One source familiar with Kushner’s testimony before congressional intelligence committees said he specifically denied, under oath, that he was familiar with any attempts by WikiLeaks to contact the campaign. But, according to the source, Kushner was sent an email by Trump Jr. about his conversations on Twitter with WikiLeaks, which were first disclosed by the Atlantic this week. Kushner forwarded an email about the WikiLeaks conversations to communications director Hope Hicks, the source said. A second source familiar with Kushner’s testimony did not dispute that account. 

In other words, it appears Kushner committed perjury.

With both houses of Congress and Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller closing in on the nature of his role in Russian interference in the 2016 American presidential election, Mr. Ivanka Trump’s ability to hide the truth is rapidly diminishing.

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