Here’s How Steve Bannon Got Trump To Do His Bidding On Roy Moore Response

- November 17, 2017

Maggie Haberman, the New York Times political journalist known in media circles as “the Trump whisperer” for her ability to elicit the president’s real thoughts in late-night phone calls, posted a tweet today that explains everything about why accused child rapist and admitted sexual predator Donald Trump has commented on the Al Franken allegations, but not to accusations of child molestation and attempted rape leveled against Alabama Senate candidate, Roy Moore.

According to Haberman, Steve Bannon, the white nationalist Breitbart chairman, who was known as “President Bannon” during his tenure as Senior White House Advisor, advised Trump to stand by Moore, in order to hold on to his base. 

About 25% of 2016 voters adore the most extreme examples of the president’s genitalia-grabbing, Islamophobic, white supremacist, anti-Mexican, anti-Trans, Nazi-sympathizing behavior and those are the people Trump is terrified of losing.

40% of Alabama Evangelicals have stated that they would rather vote for a pedophile than a Democrat.  They don’t want to hear their President bad-mouth a theocratic hypocrite they intend to support unconditionally.

Haberman’s tweet captures two vital truths about this presidency:

  1. Trump panders to the lowest common denominator in the American electorate and depends on it for any staying power he may have.
  2. Bannon holds inordinate sway over Trump by acting as the base’s translator for the fake billionaire with gold-plated bathrooms.

Trump’s strings aren’t the only ones Bannon pulls.  According to CNN’s Rebecca Berg, Bannon got FOX News’ Sean Hannity to pull back from criticizing Moore, as well.

Bannon, whose ex-wife accused him of domestic abuse, does not want a little thing like child rape to get in the way of the political careers of his fellow white supremacists.  After all, his stated goal is to emulate Lenin and “destroy the state,” so he can re-make it in his image.

The spell this wife-beating, Nazi-cultivating low-life holds over national media outlets and national politics alike must be broken, if we are to reclaim the values to which this country aspires.

By clinging to Bannon and the basest elements of the electorate, Trump has hitched his wagon to a falling star.


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