Doug Jones Just Reached An Unprecedented Milestone In His Race Against Roy Moore

- November 17, 2017

Since the cascade of sexual assault allegations against Roy Moore began last Thursday, the Roll Tide has turned in favor of Alabama’s Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones.

Two sources close to Jones’ campaign just confessed to NBC News that the Democrat has been hauling in $250,000 per day since the Moore underage sex scandal broke.

One Democrat said that Jones is pulling in “Ossoff-level money,” meaning he’s approaching the $30 million that the Georgia congressional candidate hauled in to try to win his red district.  Unfortunately, Ossoff narrowly lost in the midst of a Republican cybersecurity lapse, but his rival had a great deal of party support.

Meanwhile, Moore had already depleted most of his funds even before the startling revelations, and Republicans pulled their funding of him in the aftermath.

Jones would never have had a snowflake’s chance in Alabama of defeating the twice-unseated theocrat in their current race to fill Attorney General Jefferson “Jeff” Beauregard Sessions III’s former Senate seat.  However, 8 accusers have stepped forward in the past week to charge Moore with child molestation, sexual assault, and attempted rape, changing the political landscape dramatically.

While his Alabama Evangelical supporters have doubled down on him, national Republicans have dropped Moore faster than you can say, “Biscuits and gravy.”

Meanwhile, Democrats nationwide have rushed to give Doug Jones a financial boost in what would otherwise have been a sure loss, even with the Trump albatross that hangs around Republican necks.

No amount of contributions would be too much to help Jones win, as Alabama’s Governor Kay Ivey, a woman, has said she will vote for Moore, despite believing his accusers — demonstrating that Alabama Republicans favor pedophiles to Democrats.

So, progressives, be sure to send anything you can to the Doug Jones campaign.  If we can flip Alabama, we can flip the nation.

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