A Top Democrat Just Emerged To Challenge Trump In A 2020 Presidential Run

- November 10, 2017

As frustrations with the Trump administration continue to mount, former Vice President Joe Biden is moving towards a presidential run of his own in 2020, citing privately that no one else will be able to defeat Trump in the next election and “that might mean he’ll just have to run himself.”

Per Politico, Biden outlined why he views himself as the only remedy to the particular challenges posed by the next presidential election.

He is “an elder statesman who can help repair the damage and divisions in the country and around the world, unite the competing wings of the Democratic Party, and appeal to traditional Democratic voters who fled last year for Trump.”

If Biden does decide to run, he will be 77-years-old. He has, however, been extraordinarily active in his post-Vice Presidential career.

Next week, Biden will embark on a book tour for his book, “Promise Me, Dad,” a memoir about his relationship with his late son, Beau Biden. Beau passed away in 2015 to brain cancer, ultimately preventing the VP from launching his own presidential campaign heading into the 2016 election.

Insiders have suggested, however, that the book tour is a precursor to the rigors of a presidential campaign.

“Right now, he’s pretty laser-focused on the book tour. Get through that and go see what we can do in ‘18, and see where things are then,” said a source close to Biden.

While Obama has stayed largely out of politics – famously saying that he is looking to support the next generation of leaders – Biden has been extremely active in governmental affairs. He endorsed 14 candidates leading up to Tuesday’s elections, 12 of whom won.

“The VP is out working furiously to support and promote Democrats at all levels because he believes the future of the party is bright,” the person said.

“If someone emerges that the former VP believes can beat [Trump], I think he is at peace with that,” said another Biden donor. “On the other hand, if that person doesn’t exist or doesn’t run, you can expect Joe Biden to take a very serious look.”

Should Biden opt to run in 2020, he will have a strong network of avid supporters ready and willing to propel him to the White House.

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