A New Investigation Just Discovered Trump’s Marines Committed A Massacre In Somalia

- November 30, 2017

While the mainstream media and cable television networks refuse to give the issue the attention it duly deserves, the Trump administration is quietly racking up an appalling record of war crimes at a horrifying pace.

An investigation by the Daily Beast has revealed that “strong evidence” indicates U.S Marines committed a massacre at a farm in the small town of Bariire, in southwest Somalia on August 25th with members of the Somalian National Army.

Ten civilians, including a child, were murdered. Reports from surviving locals indicate that Special Operations units fired upon unarmed civilians and stood by as Somali militiamen placed weapons upon their bodies for photographic evidence after death in addition to putting heavy pressure on the struggling Somali government to bury the investigation into the atrocity.

The United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) admitted they were “aware” of civilian casualties but were “conducting an assessment into the situation to determine the facts on the ground.” The Department of Defense has refused to comment on the situation until the investigation is complete.

Bariire had once been a stronghold used the al-Shabaab militant group to exert power in the verdant Shabelle region, though their power has waned in recent years, they maintain a strong presence in the area.

The instability in the region – not to mention the incessant conflicts between different tribes in the area – has resulted in a heavily armed civilian populace, which can sometimes make it difficult to tell a terrorist from a farmer.

The Daily Beast account of how the unprepared American forces, who didn’t know the language or the history of the area, were misled into taking part in a tribal feud by a translator whose wife belonged to the victims’ rival clan and a SNA army chief who had once been an al-Shabaab commander himself, Sheegow Ahmed Ali.

The Americans were essentially tricked into attacking the farm – and now have committed yet another war crime that our nation must but won’t atone for.

It is only the latest in a rapidly growing list of war crimes by the Trump administration, which include:

Watchdog monitoring organization AirWars estimates that nearly 6,000 civilians have died in the bombings by the American-led coalition in the war against ISIS – with barely a mention in the mainstream American press.

On top of that, President Trump has closed the office of the State Department that investigates and monitors war crimes while his Pentagon has been caught misreporting the number of civilian deaths and injuries they’ve caused in their interminable bombardments.

Our refusal to acknowledge these deaths and the refusal to take any kind of moral responsibility for the actions of our military is a declaration that as a society, we do not believe that their lives have value, that their suffering is real or worthy of our attention, and that they are merely pawns for us to exploit in the American Great Crusade that we are ostensibly told is to promote “freedom” and “justice” throughout the world but really is just to create new markets for weaponry and for the world’s elites to engage in their petty competitions for power and wealth.

Original story published by Christina Goldbaum @ the Daily Beast

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