A Legal Expert Just Gave Trump Awful News About Mike Flynn’s Betrayal

- November 24, 2017

Even as the President continues to deny he is the target of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, there is mounting evidence that is exactly where the investigation into the connection between Russia and the Trump campaign is headed.

The revelation yesterday by the New York Times that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has stopped his back-channel communications with Trump’s legal team in the Russia probe is an indication the former three-star general is either negotiating a deal with the Special Counselor has already agreed to plead guilty to some charges, but the article is off-target in several respects.

That’s the opinion of Seth Abramson, a University of New Hampshire professor and attorney, who laid out his objections to the Times story in a series of 30 tweets, and his belief the discussion between Flynn and Trump’s lawyers was a “scandal” and “ethically dubious,” and may even have been a form of “witness tampering,” according to Newsweek.

What the outspoken Abramson does believe is that the break between Flynn’s lawyers and those representing Trump is an indication their self-interests have moved different directions.

This is significant because even more than Paul Manfort and others already caught up in the expanding criminal investigation, Flynn is in a position to testify about what the Trump campaign did in relation to Russian tampering, and the actions of the Trump administration in its early days when he was still National Security Advisor.

Flynn it appears is not only concerned about his own legal problems – which include a long list of improper actions, secret meetings, misinformation on government documents about contacts with Russia and Turkey,  and more – but also those of his son, Michael Flynn Jr.

His son worked with Flynn on many of the matters now being investigated, and on his own was active, including his role in the fake “Pizzagate” story that tried to link Secretary Hillary Clinton to a sex ring operated out of a Washington, D.C. restaurant.

Flynn would not be the first father to sacrifice himself to save his son, as both could be looking at the loss of reputation and even long prison sentences.

NBC News also reported this week that Flynn’s former partner may be a witness before Muller’s grand jury, and will be questioned about the firm’s work with Turkey, most of which was not properly reported to the U.S. government at first.

Abramson is most indignant about the information sharing agreement between Flynn and Trump which has now been exposed as it was being ended.

Abramson is saying it is now in Flynn’s self-interest, and probably that of his son, to make a deal with Mueller, and leave Trump to fend for himself.

Trump may think he is not a target, but with Flynn abandoning the president’s ship, it appears Mueller’s noose is getting tighter around the presidential throat.


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